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Window Wishing 

Eb         Ab     Eb     Ab
Through my window I just saw you
Gm6              C               F 
You were walkin' by with someone new
Bb7                                 A
Oh what I'd give to be walkin' with you

Ab              Bb7
Window wishin', that's all I do
     Ab             Bb7
Just window wishin' because of you
Without your love I can't go on and face this world
Bb              Bb7              Eb
For me there'll never be another you
       Ab          Bb7   

I'll just be hopin' and prayin' you'll be callin'
And you'll say let's give love one more tryy
If our love ends when you call I will die

So I stay here, all through day
A million teardrops can't wash away 
The ache I feel here in my heart now that you're gone
Fm7       Abm
And now I cry 

I'm window wishin', you're lonely to
And window wishin', the way I do
Come back to me without your love I can't go on

For me there'll never be another
There will never-never be another
Oh no, never-never be another

And window-ow wishin', a-window-ow wishin'
Eb         Ab              Bb7
There will never, ever be another
Eb     Ab              Bb7
Oh no, never, ever be another

by: José Duarte
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