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Window Wishing

D# (x43121@3)       G# (xx1114@1)   D# (x43121@3)   G#Through (xx1114@1)my window I just saw you
Gm6 (3x5353@1)            C (x32010@1)             F (133211@1)You were walkin' by with someone new
Bb7 (x13131@1)                               AOh (x02220@1)what I'd give to be walkin' with you

G# (xx1114@1)            Bb7Window (x13131@1)wishin', that's all I do
     G# (xx1114@1)           Bb7Just (x13131@1)window wishin' because of you
						C#Without (x43121@1)your love I can't go on and face this world
Bb (x1333x@1)            Bb7 (x13131@1)            D#For (x43121@3)me there'll never be another you
       G# (xx1114@1)        Bb7 (x13131@1) 

I'll just be hopin' and prayin' you'll be callin'
And you'll say let's give love one more tryy
If our love ends when you call I will die

So I stay here, all through day
A million teardrops can't wash away 
The ache I feel here in my heart now that you're gone
Fm7 (131141@1)     G#mAnd (133111@4)now I cry 

I'm window wishin', you're lonely to
And window wishin', the way I do
Come back to me without your love I can't go on

For me there'll never be another
There will never-never be another
Oh no, never-never be another

    G#And (xx1114@1)window-ow wishin', a-window-ow wishin'
D# (x43121@3)       G# (xx1114@1)            Bb7There (x13131@1)will never, ever be another
D# (x43121@3)   G# (xx1114@1)            Bb7Oh (x13131@1)no, never, ever be another

by: Jos? Duarte

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