• Song:

    Twisting By The Pool

  • Artist:

    Dire Straits

  • Album:

    Best Of

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#song. You may only use this file for private study, scholarship, or research. #
From: gbowerma@acs.ucalgary.ca
Subject: dire_straits/twisting_by_the_pool.crd

Twisting by the Pool, Dire Straits

We're going on a holiday, now
D                       E
Gonna take a villa or a small chalet
Costa Del (?), magnifico, 
             D                   E
You know the cost of living's so low

D            E
Yeah, gonna be so neat
D             E
Dance, to the Euro-beat
D           E
Yeah, gonna be so cool
Twistin' by the (twisting-by-the)
E                                         A
Twistin' by the (twisting-by-the), by the pool
A               D
Twistin' by the pool
A               D
Twistin' by the pool (twistin' by the pool)
A               D
Twistin' by the pooooool

Verse 2 :
Sitting in a small cafe now
Swing-swing-swinging to the cabaret
Wanna see a movie, take in a show
Meet new people at the disco, yeah

Repeat chorus

And we can still get information
Reading all about inflation
Bm                     D/E
And you're never gonna be out of reach
There's a clubhouse on the beach
A one, A two, A-one-A-two-A-three-A-four

Solo : Same chords as verse

A                   C#m
Mmmm, you're gonna look so cute
D           E
Sunglasses, bathing suit
A           C#m
Be the lady of my dreams
D                      E
Like the ladies in the magazines

Repeat chorus and fade

Note : I use a regular D chord with the first E string open for
D/E - sounds close, anyway.
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