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In my opinion this is one of only two decent songs on the album...


Bb Bb7 Eb F  


Bb                                    Bb7
This is where the truth begins, where tear drops glance the sallow skin,

    Eb                                 F
You lose your will, then I can led you mine,

Bb                             Bb7                                  Eb
The westway wall's so tall and bleak, reflect the words we dare not speak,

And by the bottle's end, we may have done our time,


F F#m Gm                                               Cm
         What you want's to stay away from people like me,

Who twist most everything they see,

                                         Gm F
And leave the grey old world behind you,


Bb     Dm               Eb
Sow it up and have some clout,

Dm                        Bb
We'll go to mine and fall about,

    Dm             Gm           Gm F      
The sun will shine tomorrow, 

Bb      Dm          Eb
Look beyond the parapet,

           Dm               Bb
We're just bums lest you forget,

       Dm           Gm      Gm F
We can beg steal or borrow, 

Verse 2
Bridge 2
Chorus 2


will finish doing this later,

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