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D C#m Bm A (Either strum C#m & Bm quickly once or slide down from C#m to Bm)
C#m Bm C#m A

D (xx0232@1)                     C#m (x13321@4)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm     AHere (x02220@1)is the sound that photographs make
C#m (x13321@4)  BmWhen (x24432@1)I see them
C#m (x13321@4)  AWhen (x02220@1)I hear them
D (xx0232@1)                     C#m (x13321@4)name="chord_x24432@1">Bm     AI (x02220@1)see regions of sharp precision
C#m (x13321@4)  BmOver (x24432@1)abundance
C#m (x13321@4)  AOver (x02220@1)indulgence

Asus4 A x4 

D (xx0232@1)            A (x02220@1)                        |     In this part, play Das (xx0232@1)Tied together with rope and twine         |      |--2--|
D (xx0232@1)            A (x02220@1)                        |      |--2--|
Stuck together with paste and glue        |      |--2--|
D (xx0232@1)       A (x02220@1)                              ]-->  |--0--|
Two old planks of knotty pine             |      |-----|
D (xx0232@1)            A (x02220@1)                Bm (x24432@1)    |      |-----|
A couple of nails  poke right on through. |

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