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RISE ABOVE (CHORDS ONLY) - Dirty Projectors - from RISE ABOVE

Tabbed by: Kris Ellestad
Date: September 10th, 2009
Email: knilstad@gmail.com
Site: knilstad.blogspot.com

Standard tuning
Capo on 3rd fret

 Db (x43121@1) Eb7 (x32310@4)name="chord_133111@1">Fm      
Jealous   cowards try to control

They distort what we say

Db (x43121@1)    Eb7 (x32310@4)name="chord_133111@1">Fm
Try to stop what we do

 Eb6/7         Bbm (x13321@1)                AbWhen (xx1114@1)they can't   do it themselves

       Bbm2     AbWe (xx1114@1)are tired of your abuse
       Bbm2         AbBbm2 (xx1114@1)Cm7      Bbm2
Try to stop us, but it's       no use

          Fm (133111@1)                     CmSociety's (x3101x@1)arms think they're smart

     Bbm2     Cm (x3101x@1) Bbm2            Cm (x3101x@1)    Bbm2
I find   satisfaction in what they're lacking 'cause

DbCm7 (x43121@1)   Bbm7 (x13121@1)name="chord_xx1114@1">Ab       EbWe (x43121@3)   are born   with a chance

Db (x43121@1) Cm7   Bbm7 (x13121@1)Ab (xx1114@1)   EbAnd (x43121@3)I'm   gonna   have my chance

Db   Cm7  Bbm7  Ab
Rise above 

Db (x43121@1)Cm7  Bbm7 (x13121@1)    AbRise (xx1114@1)  above   Rise above


BREAKDOWN in the middle:

Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab6-4/7

Ab2 (135211@4)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)Ab (xx1114@1)and the back to "We are tired of your abuse"

                      *                                                      *
   Db (x43121@1)  Eb7 (x32310@4) Fm (133111@1) Eb6/7  Bbm (x13321@1) Ab (xx1114@1)  Bbm2  Cm7   Cm (x3101x@1) Bbm7 (x13121@1) Db (x43121@1)  Eb (x43121@3) Ab6-4/7  Ab2e|-(1)-|--5--|--5--|--5--|-(3)-|--1--|-----|--3--|--0--|--1--|-----|--0--|---1---|--1--| (135211@4)B|--3--|--5--|--6--|--5--|--3--|--1--|--3--|--1--|--1--|--3--|--3--|--1--|---1---|--1--|

*The 6 indicates first inversion. 6-5 is a second inversion 7th chord.

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