• Song:

    Sad Old James

  • Artist:

    Dish Carpens

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G                      D                   G         D
Sad old James is hiding in his own lonely room
G                  D                 G                            D
Crying for the past friends he will never meet again

G           D        G        D
Aah?. Aah? Aah?AAh?

G               D           G            D
Lives in the country; he owns a farm
G        D               C                       A
Always alone, but he?s got his own charm
              G  D    G D     G D             G
He?s got so? much? heartache?

A                D                D                D
Aaaaaah? Aaaaaah? Aaaaaah? Aaaaaah?

G                 D              A                             A4   A
He deserves a chance to come back to life

He deserves a chance to be civilised     (2x)

G                      D                   G             D
Sad old James does not regret anything he?s done
G                  D                 G               D
Likes to keep it all inside, just waiting for a sorrow day

G                D           G            D
Why does he punish himself so hard ?
G        D                       C                  A
Oh, sad old James, stop living in the dark

A4                               A
Sometimes he likes to fly
A4                           A
He just wants to be free
A4                      A
Getting low and high
A4                          A
He?s got no guarantee
A4                             A
That life is gonna get better
A4                     A
Aaaahhhh?      Aaaahhhh?
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