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Until I Wake Up

This is one of my favorite songs that I?ve always wanted to play.  Frustrated w/ not being able to find a 
ANYWHERE, I went ahead and did this one myself.  I think it?s pretty close.  I like adding in the open e 
in the opening riff?it gives it some texture and helps it flow, but it works either way.

Intro and Verse:
E:   ---0                            0 4                    0                        0      0
B:    5      4  5 4 5         5         5 5          5     4 5 4           5      5
A: 0                        4                                                   0
E:                                                      4

A C# Ab A B C# Ab A

Progression and Lyrics:
[Intro 4x]
   Intro riff
I rest my head
Between the bed and sky
Download my dread
Disarm my mind, make it dry
   Chorus chords
Nothing in motion, and I?m satisfied
No disappointment, until I wake up
   Intro riff
Don?t want to wake up
[Intro 1x]
   Intro riff
Into clear space
Vivid vision, see her shape
At my bedside, beam up my mind please
[intro 1x]
[repeat chorus, 2x]
[intro 3x]
[chorus, 2x]
   Chorus chords
Don?t wanna wake up?
Don?t wanna wake up?
[chorus chords 2x]
[intro riff 2x]
Don?t wanna wake up, no?
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