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Burning papers into ashes
       E                Em                Bm(4)
What a season, how they fly high from the ground ohhh
Bm                                    E            Em
There is yet another fountain flowing over, as the night falls
     Bm(4)  B4
Keep dreaming away

D                      F#m   F#?                     B6
If you hold on to that past, don't you lock yourself inside
D                       F#m
Nothing has been done before
         F#?       B6              A6       Em
It?s the most virgin dress you could possibly wear
        C#m         F#?        C#m
Mess it up, Time is up

Bm                                   E
Hold your memory for a moment with a blind hand
           Em            Bm
Write some stories for tomorrow
From the bottle of amnesia
       E                Em          Bm(4)  B4
Find instructions to salvation, to oblivion supreme
D                        F#m    F#?               B6
Don?t be tempted to look back - It has all happen before
D                 F#m            F#?      B6       A6                Em
Someday miracular spread will forgive every cowardly thing that you?ve done.
That I?ve done.
        F#m7      C#m
Dust it off
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