• Song:

    Rocket Girl

  • Artist:

    Doc Walker

  • Album:

    Curve (International Ve...

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Intro      G5 D5 C5  (twice) 

            E5            C5      G5 
Well she said, I got this hat in California 
E5                  C5            G5 
From a man on the street, his name was Joe 
C5            D5            G5 
Have you ever been to California 
C5                  D5      C5 
Well you really gotta go. 

She said, I knew a boy down in Miami 

He was a welder, just like you 

I love the ocean in Miami 

I?ve never seen anything quite so blue 

            G5                  D5            C5 
And I say, Hey where we going today rocket girl 
G5            D5            E5               C5 
Tell me what life is like, past that city limit sign 
G5                  D5        B5            E5 
Dream your dreams in my ear, baby just get me out of here 
C5      G5            C5 D5 
Fly me around this world, rocket girl 

She said,  Have you ever been to Alberta 
Wheat fields as far as you can see 
Have you ever seen the prairies 
Someday I?ll take you there with me 


I?d never tell her she?s been busted 
I know she?s never been anywhere just like me 
But it makes her feel like Cinderella 
And I get to see the world for free 

Chorus. (twice)
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