• Song:

    The Show Is Free

  • Artist:

    Doc Walker

  • Album:

    Everyone Aboard

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Intro:  E5  A5  (x2)

E5                 A5                   E5
I'm gonna live forever, just wait and see
     A5                                      E5
And I'll turn in to leather from the sun on me
    B5                             A5                   E5   E5 - E5
So stick around my fair weather friends, the show is free

E5                     A5               E5   A5 - E5 
Well I'll be on some highway until I fall
     A5                                    E5  A5 - E5
And I'm gonna do things my way or not at all
         B5                 A5                    E5
You can see it or you can dream it that's your call
             C#5                 A5                  E5  A5 - E5    
Well I won't let this old small town be the life of me
             C#5                A5              B5
When there's so much more out there I haven't seen

E5       B5          C#5              B5
Now I'm on my way, radio playing, beautiful day
         A5              E5                 B5
Where I lay my head is where I'm meant to be
E5             B5    
Yesterday is out of sight
  C#5                    B5
I don't know where I'll sleep tonight
           A5                   E5                   B5
There's a great big world out there and it's all for me
And the show is free

(repeat intro)

E5                  A5               E5    
I'm not trying to sell you on anything
A5                                   E5  
I'm just trying to tell you what I see
    B5                      A5                  E5
So take a look around my friend, the show is free


Instrumental: E5  B5  C#5  B5  A5  E5  B5  

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