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    Dominic Balli

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Dominic Balli - Babies
Standard Tuning
No Capo

Here are the versions of Fmaj7 and Dm to play, the rest of the chords are played normally.

Fmaj7, 8th fret.                Dm, 5th fret.
e -x-|---|---|---|              e-x-|---|---|---|---|
B ---|---|-x-|---|              B---|-x-|---|---|---|
G ---|-x-|---|---|              G---|---|-x-|---|---|
D ---|---|-x-|---|              D---|---|-x-|---|---|
A -x-|---|---|---|              A-x-|---|---|---|---|
E ---|---|---|---|              E---|---|---|---|---|

You may find the song to hear the picking pattern on YouTube, 

Am  Fmaj7  C  Em  Dm      

Verse 1:
Am   Fmaj7  C         Em          Dm      
Life. Death. Eternity. 
     Am    Fmaj7          C          Em                       Dm
Then hope. Peace. No more suffering. All it?s all we?ll ever know
             Am                            Fmaj7  
But when you loose your own. The notes all sound the same. 
                C                   Em               Dm
The strings all play same. Still my heart remains in pain

       C              Em           F       G     Am         C
So I?m living for the day, when my eyes be fixed upon sweet Zion
        Am             Em            F          
Then my strength shall remain in God alone, 
    G         Am     G         F
All I?ve been living for, I?ll hold.
     C        G/B      Am     G      Am  - Em ? Fmaj7     
I?ll hold you and I?ll never go away,     
                   Am ? Em ? Fmaj7
I?ll never go away

Verse 2:
               Am                    Fmaj7
They took your pictures, we hung dem pictures
             C              Em               Dm           Am
And your big sista, waiting for her brothas, Zion and Hezekiah 
Daddy and Momma, Your Nani and Papa, Your Grandma and Grandpa
Mamma and Tata, been waiting for ya. 
              Em          Dm
How could our babies go away


(Go back to the top of the chorus after "All I've been living for I'll hold" and 
then repeat the full chorus again)
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