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Intro: F-Dm-Gm-Csus-C-F-Fsus-Fsus2-F

                 Bb      Gm   C      F
Your Steadfast Love, extends to the heavens
            Dm          G7            Gm   C
Your faithfulness, it reaches to the clouds
             Bb          Gm     C       F
Your righteousness, is like majestic mountains

            Am             Dm           Gm        Csus        F Fsus Fsus2 F
And your wisdom's like a depth on the sea...and you come to me.

            Bb     Gm         C7     F
Filling my heart, with your loving kindness

           Dm             G7            Gm   C
I find my fear, on the shadows of your wings.
          Bb               Gm                 F
I eat my fill, from the abundance of your household

        Am             Dm       Gm      
And I drink from the stream of rejoicing

Csus         F-Dm     
You are my king (5x)  (Repeat)


Gm   C      F-Dm
You are my king (5x)

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