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Song: From Now On
Artist: Don Williams
Album: I Turn the Page
Tab: Austin Oh

With the right strum pattern and singing, it can sound good.
I like to hit the top of G, then the bottom of G, then D.
Then the top of Em, the bottom of Em, then C

G             D       Em        C
Everybody comes with  baggage
G             D       Em        C
Places and people  before
G             D               Em        C
You don't know what all your getting
     G             D          Em        C
When love walks through your door
G             D       Em        C
Through your door

I've had some hills and some valleys
You've done some traveling too
You can tell by the dents and the scratches
Our hearts aren't exactly brand new

CHORUS  (same chords, but change the strum pattern)

From now on is all that counts
From now on is all that matters
That's what livings all about
From different roads we find each other
You're the only love I want
From now on

I'm thankful for the ones before me
I'm grateful that they didn't stay
We can't do a thing about it
And it's made us who we are today

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