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C                                               F
Shes a barmaid in a west texas dance hall
C                      G                     C
Shes there everynight till they close
C                                     F
The cowboys pay for the juke box
C                           G           C
And she plays San Antonio Rose
C                                               F
Well I know that her life ain't been easy
C                              G              C
Lord the lines in her face say it all
C                                    F
But she still is a beautiful woman
C                            G                C
In the lights of this texas dance hall

C                                           F
But she won't sit down at your table
C                               G                   C
And I know that you can't hold her hand
C                                                F
No she won't go home with you cowboy
C                         G            C
Shes in love with a rodeo Man
C                                                     F
Well he's hard and he's scared and he's grated
C                            G                C
And he's stoned most all of the time 
C                                      F
He drinks at a dark corner table
C                           G                C
And he waits there until closin time
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