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Morph The Cat

The intro and the first two verses can be played as the 
following as tabbed-which may require a certain degree 
of co-ordination, or the use of a sequencer to record 
the bass line. Throughout the verses it could be played
with the Em and Dm chords over a G bass..or simply with
just a G7 or G9 throughout ( as would be the case in most
commercially released sheet music.) And with any format 
such as this, it is recommended one initially play along
with the recording a few times 
in order to get the timing down.

small case letters above chord symbols 
indicate individual notes:
c4: middle C, and notes above in that octave...
c5e |---|---|---|---|---|B |---|---|---|---|---|G |---|---|---|---|-x-|D |---|---|---|---|-x-|A |---|---|-x-|---|---|E |---|---|---|---|---|
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