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    Love Is Hot, Truth Is M...

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Title:      Celeste 
Artist:     (Leitch) Donovan
Album:      Love Is Hot Truth Is Molten
Tabbed by:  AspAsiA

I'm not really sure 'bout this, it's my first tab, 
but there was no tab avail for this song, so i tried 
to figure it out by myself. if anyone got any suggestions, 
corrections and/or money, please send it to aspasia(at)gmx.de.

standard tuning: EADGBe
     C  F  F  G  E  A      (C) (F)  
E    0  1  1  3  0  5      (3) (3) 
B    1  1  1  3  0  5      (1) (1) 
G    0  2  1  0  0  6      (0) (2) 
D    2  3  3  0  2  7      (2) (3) 
A    3  3  3  2  2  7      (3) (X) 
e    0  1  1  3  0  5      (0) (X) 

(C) and (F) may be used at the beginning
of the verse.

Verse 1:
C            F             C     G     E                           
Here I stand acting like a silly clown would,

        F                 F                                     
I don't know why Would anybody like to try

    C           G     E                                          
The changes I'm going through ?

  F                F                                     
A hidden lie would fortify

C              G       E                                             
Something that don't exist

       F                 F
But it ain't so bad, I'm just a lad,

   C         G         E
So many more things to do,

  A              G     F            G        C
I intend to come right through them all with you.

Verse 2:
My songs are merely dreams visiting my mind
We talk a while by a crooked stile,
You're lucky to catch a few.
There's no magic wand in a perfumed hand,
It's a pleasure to be true.
In my crystal halls a feather falls
Being beautiful just for you
But that might not be quite true, that's up to you.

Verse 3:
Dawn crept in unseen to find me still awake
A strange young girl sang her songs for me
And left 'fore the day was born.
That dark princess with saddening jest
She lowered her eyes of woe,
And I felt her sigh, I wouldn't like to try
The changes she's going through
But I hope love comes right through them all with you.
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