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    Been Down So Long Live

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		     Been Down So Long- The Doors

Tabbed By : Tom Caruso
e-mail: carusot205@strose.edu

Tuning: standard

This is the bass tab for the live version of this song as played on the 
Live in Detroit album. the bassline is markedly different from that on 
the album it appears- L.A. Woman- because live, Ray played the keyboard 
bass with his left hand, as opposed to having an actual bassist on 
stage. the bassline is very cool, however, it gets repetitive, so 
the bassline is really more of a suggestion than a carving in stone. 
the song is in a traditional 12-bar blues format, meaning the I chord- E,
 in this case, then the IV (A) and finally, the V (B). listen to the 
song, and you should be able to get it without much issue. if you 
have questions, feel free to ask me!

the first couple if times, and a few others throughout the song, Ray 
plays it like this: (listen for proper timing)


on the E: (once again, listen for timing)


on the A: for the IV chord, he sometimes goes twice with the 
descending line, and then throws in an ascending one, like so..


and then back to the E for four bars, where the turnaround starts, and 
the song goes to a B for two bars, pauses over the last A, and then 
starts again at the E, like so...
     well why don't some you people...  come on, you gotta set me         

and that's basically it! if you listen to the song, then you should be 
able to get the timing without an issue. remember, this is the live 
version from Live In Detroit, which is quite different than the 
others. remember, since the structure of the 12-bar blues is so 
loose, there's always room for improvisation. this is just the get the 
basic jist of the song down. once again, any questions, feel free to 
email me!

peace out, and jam on. =]
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