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    People Are Strange

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    Legacy: The Absolute Be...

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People are Strange 
by The Doors

B  A  G  F x2

Em                  Am                 Em
People are Strange, when you're a stranger
Am          Em    B7           Em    
Faces look ugly, when you're alone
Em                  Am              Em
Women seem wicked, When you're unwanted
Am             Em     B7          Em
Street's are uneven, when you're down

         B7           G                        
When you're strange, Faces come out of the rain
         B7           G
When you're strange, No one remembers your name
When you're strange
When you're strange
         B7          B A G F
when you're strange

repeat 1 & chorus....

tried & simplified  chords for this wonderful music by the doors.... 
hope you like it - ajcave
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