• Song:

    Strange Days

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  • Album:

    Legacy: The Absolute Be...

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Opening E5

E5     A5       E5     A5
Strange Days have found us
E5     A5       E5            F#5
Strange Days have tracked us down
G5             C5      G5    C5
They're going to destroy
G5     C5 G5     
Our Casual joys
G5              B5          Bb5  A5          G5
We shall go on playing or find a new town.

G5 B5 Bb5 A5 G5  G5 B5 Bb5 A5 G5

E5     A5       E5     A5
Strange days have found us
E5                    A5      E5         F#5
And with their strange hours we linger alone
G5  C5             G5   C5           G5
Bodies confused  Memories misused
      G5            B5        Bb5
As we run from the day to a strange 
A5       G5
night of stone.

I don't think the chord names are right so here they are. Em5 Am9 ----------------------------- e-0-----------0-------------- B-0-----------0-------------- G-4-----------2-------------- D-2-----------2-------------- A-2-----------0-------------- E-0-----------X--------------
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