• Song:

    Wild Child

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Apocalypse Now

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Gm, Bb, Gm...x 2
  Gm Bb         Gm Bb         Gm
Wild       child full of grace,
   Bb     Gm             Bb    Gm
saviour of the human race.
            Bb    Gm
Your cool face.
Gm  Bb   Gm           Bb    Gm
Na - tu - ral child, terrible child.
    Bb         Gm                    Gm
Not your mother's or your father's child.
              Bb     Gm           Bb       Gm
You're our child, screamin' wild.
A, Ab, G, F, G, G, F, G.
           Bb                         B
With hunger at her heals
freedom in her eyes,
  B Bb                                B
she  dances on her knees,
  C                         B  Bb A
pirate prince at her  side.
            Ab    G                                  C
Staring into the hollow idol's eyes.
Dm                C             G
Wild child full of grace.
saviour of the human race.
     G7               C
Your cool face.
     G7               C
Your cool face.
  G9                  C G
Your cool face.
"You remember when we were in Africa?"
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