• Song:

    Im In Love

  • Artist:

    Downtown Sasquatch

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Im In Love Chords by Downtown Sasquatch

Tabbed by Me
Posted By Me..
Jay Ball

I?m In Love
G                          Am
Something bout the way you shine
When the lights go out
                 F5 G5
I wanna make you mine
G                         Am
Something bout the way it seems
              C           F5 G5
You?re always here in my dreams
G                   D
When there?s no one there
No, I?m not scared
    G/F#   C/G
But I?m in love
With you

chords used:
 G   Am   C  F5  G5  D  G/F# C/G

The only chord im not 100% sure of is the G when he says "When theres no one" if you 
out that chord email me ball182@hotmail.com
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