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    County Line

  • Artist:

    Dr Dog

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Song : Country Line
Album : Toothbrush

Tabbed by: Mike Good
Email: Paulrgood@comcast.net

Tuning: Standard dropped a WHOLE step.

Tab 1#       |  Tab 2#


G (320003@1)         Tab 1#          G (320003@1) Tab1#(This one turns into Tab2 when repeated)
 On the hills of both Virginias

G (320003@1)          Tab 1#     B7/F#
I've crossed a weary mile

Em (022000@1)      DAnd (xx0232@1)on bended knee

C (x32010@1)       GI (320003@1)will sing to thee

Am (x02210@1)            DAs (xx0232@1)I tie my shoe

One moonlit night in the canyon
I talked about my dreams
Only bugs heard the call
They don't hear me at all
And now I talk in my sleep

When winter comes I'll be way up ahead
'Cause right now it seems so cold
I need her in my arms baby set my alarm
'Cause otherwise I'd sleep til sleeping was dead

And when I get home to my baby
She gonna wear my grandma's ring
And hand in hand we will tell a man
I do
I do
I definitely do

But I won't get drunk without her
And I won't do her no harm
'Cause she's the sweetest blackberry wine
From here to there
From here to there

From here to there

Am (x02210@1)          DCounty (xx0232@1)line
County line
County line
County line
County line
County line
County line
County line
County line
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