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-I'm Standing In The Light-
-Dr. Dog-
A piano song, difficult to put to guitar. 
These are the right chords, they are just
played in a higher register on the keyboard.

Well I set fire to an apple tree
                F#m        Bm
And put it back out like a bad memory
      G         A            D
And I washed my hands in the flood
Well I took a sip of the trouble Ive stirred
                   F#m        Bm
And I spit it back out like a four letter word
      G       A           D
And I lost my head in the fire
Well I sat up high on the walls we built
                F#m    Bm      
And I felt just like a fool on stilts
      G    A         D  
But I just can't get down

G             F#m
Olives, and a pair of eyes 
    Bm             F#m
Are floating in my glass
    G                F#m
And nothing has ever seemed so strange
    Bm               A
But this I know will pass

Well Ive seen as far as the eye can see
And I blew my mind in the lottery
But I lost my chance
Well Ive been told about the fiery skies
And Ive told my fair share of lies
But I believe in mine
Well Ive known folks as smarts as dogs
And Ive known folks like bumps on logs
And theyre all fine by me

Blue skies and my share of love 
Are somewhere in the past
And nothing worth anything
Is strong enough to last

D F#m Bm G A D

Well Ive done my time for the ills Ive caused
And Ive paid my dues in the bets Ive lost
And Ive got room enough to die
Well Ive seen as far as my eyes can see
And Ive tried my hand at the mystery
Yet I walk in the land of the blind
Yeah I made my bed in which I lie
And Ive burnt the bridge to the other side
And Im standing in the light
        G        A      D
Yeah Im standing in the light

D F#m Bm G A D
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