• Song:

    Little Bird

  • Artist:

    Dr Dog

  • Album:

    Passed Away, Vol. 1

Artist: Dr Dog
Song: Little Bird
Album: Passed Away (internet site release: http://www.weallbelong.net/)
Tabbed by: Tim Green, October 13th 2007

Standard Tuning dropped a half step:
Eb Ab Db Gb Bb Eb

Em   Cm   D7
-3-  -3-  ---|
-5-  -4-  -3-|
-4-  -5-  -5-|
-2-  -5-  -4-|
---  -3-  -5-|
---  ---  ---|


   G		C

G			    C
I want to start calling you babe,
G			C
take the phone off the hook.
G			C
If any one hurted you i don't know what i would do
If you gotta know,
Cm					G
I'd put them in the ground where flowers grow.
Just so you know

A	   C		Em
You go on delivering to hospitals
	A		C
with flowers made for you
	D		D/C			G
that grew out of the ones who've done you wrong



G			C
you got love in your heart
G		  C
I'm just after my part
G		C
a forget me not from a man named scott
he don't believe in god but
Cm				G
he believes in those that say they do.
The ones like you

A			C			Em
so go on an put your toothbrush in the bathroom sink
A			C
we'll be here for a while
    D			D/C		G
and watch the days go in and out of style


G		     C
double check your alarm
G			C
through a switch on the fire
G		   C
go upstairs and pee lay down next to me
but don't look at the clock,
	Cm			   G
it's almost always later than you think
G			C
there's no juice in my punch
G			C
and my minds out to lunch
so you do the talking cause
C				Em
you've got a voice that's like a song I've never heard,
	Cm			   G
i'll sing along but I won't say a word

my little bird

[whistle bridge]


*not too sure about the bridges but if you figure it out please share it with all of us! -TG
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