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Missing the Moon
Dr. Dog

They played this on the Paste Culture Club. Zach, their keyboardist, told me it's a new
and that they are calling it "Missing the Moon". If you need the song, message me with
email and I'll get you the mp3. Nice little song, Scott on piano, with Frank backing up 
2 part harmony.

D                                 A
Nobody's sowing no wild oats around here
    G                                        D
And I'm growing roses and blowing my wildest years

I do work in the field, I do play in the field
                          A       G
And when it comes down to rest, I roll up my sleeves
And bury my heart in my chest

       G                     Em                D
Like a night of hard thinking  and mountain to climb
        Em                           A
All our thoughts will out live us anyway
Before our time

Well I didn't make the bed where I lie
But I know that somebody did
And I didn't make myself fall into love
I'm only somebody's kid

And I'm a dreamer without a dream
A drifter with no place to be
And yes Lord I believe in you
But oh Lord believe in me

I came in like a lamb and I left like a lion
And I seen what an ass I can be
But I looked like a giant who could spy the whole forest
But couldn't get through all the trees


     G                  Em                  D
Well you've got my love   Now go on, let me be
        Em                         A
It's my love that you need darlin'
You don't need me

Well I don't want to get burned
I just want to shake hands with the fire
Cause old friends are better
Than two Conley lovers for hire

And I try to find a reason
That reason has left me so soon
A black bird in a coal black night
Singing and missing the moon

Now come back to me come back that moment of question
When roses were nothing but seeds
Cause flowers they grow old and die on the same branch and the same tree

Well you've got my love,
Now go on, let me be
It's my love that you need darlin'
You don't need me
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