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Capo on 1st fret:

Chords used (relative to capo)

 A   D   B7   E  Bbdim7


A / / / | D / / / | B7 / / / | E / / /

A                             Bbdim7
20 years of schooling, I just never learned the math
    B7                                 E 
That one and one don't equal two, They often equal half
       A                               Bbdim7
I have tried to live the high life, the best that I know how
     B7                                 E
And I bought my share of debonair, and parlayed it on the crowd

A                          D  
I do believe that there's no more tricks up my sleeve
The good old days have past and the good times after that
   E                                                      A
And slowly I've become undone a stranger with a stranger heart

A / / / | / / / /

A                                  Bbdim7  
Well I plan to hit the bottom, the bottle then the top
      B7                             E
And I pray that something quits me, before I gotta stop
         A                        Bbdim7
Cause the masquerade is over, but I was barely there
   B7                                E 
The mask come off the gilded cloth, yet I'm just barely there

Chorus x2

I think that's it.
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