• Song:

    The Way The Lazy Do

  • Artist:

    Dr Dog

  • Album:

    We All Belong

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SONG: The Way the Lazy Do
BAND: Dr. Dog
ALBUM: We All Belong (Track 9)

Here is an alternative version of this song's chords since I've only seen one other tab 
it on the Net.  : )
It sounds most like the actual song if you tune your strings down a half-step.

E   [022100]
A   [x02220] or [577655] sounds good, too.
C#m [x46654]
E7  [020100]
B*  [799877]
*You can do a little walk-up move with the bass note on this B chord if you want it to 
most like the
actual song, which goes:
[9x9800] --> [x69800] --> [x79800]
(you may also want to try muting the high E string during this part instead)

Lying on your back
In the night so black
Dreaming of sweet love
Just beneath above

E, A

There's a light on in the house
See the bug see the mouse
Hear em fight, hear em shout
Hit the lights and go out
	       C#m         A
It's just that time of the year
		 E     E7
that brings them here

A             B*  *   *   *  (see above)
Yesterday the day got colder
Passed away got one day older
B                 A             E
Now it seems that everything is new

(Then back to E, A etc.)


Those are all the patterns in the song.  The rest is repetition.  Enjoy.  : )
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