Saturday Night At The Movies:The Drifters.
#3 in the UK and #18 in USA in '64.

#1. (Capo 4th fret for original.)
Well, Saturday night at 8 o'clock I know where I'm gonna go.
A                                                     D 
I'm gonna pick my baby up and take her to the picture show. 
D                                                         G
Everybody in the neighbourhood is dressing up to be there to...o.
G               D                 A              D 
And we're gonna have a ball, just like we always do.

         G                                   D
Saturday night at the movies..who cares what picture you see?
                                      A                  D
When you're hugging with your baby in last row in the balcony.
Well, there's technicolor and cinemascope, a cast out of Hollywood.
        A                                                       D
And the popcorn from the candy stand makes it all seem twice as good. 
There's always lots of pretty girls with figures they don't
try to
               D                  A                  D
But they never can compare to the girl sittin' by my side.


A sixties smash from Kraziekhat.
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