• Song:

    Pizza Derance Album

  • Artist:

    Drive-by Truckers

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Chords and notes by Travis Kilgore from altcountrytab.com

The G and C chords that the band uses are the ones where you
keep your pinkie finger on the third fret of the E string and your ring finger on the
fret of the B
string, and only raise the root notes up a string to change from G to C. (Sorry if
confusing, but
I don?t know the names of those chords. Like Gadd9 and Cadd9 or something odd like that.)

I have also included the tab for a guitar arrangement of the mandolin intro found on the
Deliverance? CD.
The mandolin arrangement is capoed at the 5th fret. Once again, I?ve tabbed the chords
relation to the
position of the capo for ease of tabbing and playing. The mandolin part will be the
chord you see
(for instance, C/G, G/D, D/A), and I will only include it up through the first chorus.
then you should have
the hang of it, but will be able to refer back to the beginning if you need to.

One final note: With your guitar tuned in E (EADGBE), you can capo at the third fret and
the mandolin
arrangement. That?s handy if you don?t have your guitar tuned down but want to sing/play
song in the correct key.

(Intro, sung acapella?)
Bulldozers and dirt, bulldozers and dirt.

What?s yer mama got hidden up her shirt?

I like to play and I like to work,

                                                          G/De |-x-|---|---|---|---|B |---|-x-|---|---|---|G |-x-|---|---|---|---|D |---|---|-x-|---|---|A |---|---|---|---|---|E |---|---|---|-x-|---|
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