• Song:

    Rocksalt And Nails

  • Artist:

    Druha Trava

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Rocksalt And Nails Chords by Druha Trava

Rock Salt and Nails

As Performed by Druha Trava

                    E      A                      E
By the banks of the river, where the willows hang down
                       C#m    A                  E
And the wild birds all warble with a low moaning sound
             C#m    A                     E
Down in the hollow, where the waters run cold
                     A                              E
It was there I first listened to the lies that she told.

                     A                      E   scale run
Now I lay on my bed and I can see her sweet face
             C#m     A             E
The past I remember, time can not erase
               C#m       A                  E
The letter you wrote me, it was written in shame
                     A                          E
And I know that your conscience still echoes my name

                      E     A                E                          Now the nights 
so long, your sorrows run deep
               C#m     A                    E
And nothing is worse, than a night without sleep
               C#m  A                 E
I?ll walk out alone and look at the sky
                  A               E
To empty to sing, to lonesome to cry

                        E       A                   E
If the ladies were blackbirds and the ladies were Thrushes
                  C#m     A                 E
I?d lie there for hours, in the chilly cold marshes
                   C#m        A                 E
If the ladies were squirrels, with a high bushy tails
                   A                      E
I?d fill up my shotgun with rock salt and nails
E A E C#m A E C#m EA E

Druha Trava (Second Grass) is a Czeck blugrass band with some international success. See 
at www.druhatrava.com/
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