• Song:

    Always Sad

  • Artist:

    Drunken Prayer

  • Album:

    Into the Missionfield

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"Always Sad"
by Drunken Prayer
"Into The Missionfield" (2012)

Intro E-A x2

D                     E               A                   F#m  
Make the bed, set the table sweep the floor and then once more

     D                     E                           A                       
Find yourself something to do before the devil gets his due


                 F#m  Dm   A
And I see you're always so sad 

             F#m    Dm  A
I see you're always so sad

              D                   E                     F#m           A
Won't drive a car, won't take the train. Won't step one foot inside a plane

               D                     E
It's not those things that's got you scared

It's what you'll find once you get there


E   A (x2)

         D                   E
When something is wrong with you

            F#m               A
Like Elmore says "It hurts me too"

        D                E                               A
I can't stand to see you cry yourself asleep drunk every night


E  A
Oh Tennessee (x4)

G#m                E      B
I see you're always....so sad (x 4)
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