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  • Artist:

    Drunken Prayer

  • Album:

    Into the Missionfield

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Drunken Prayer
"Into The Missionfield" (Fluff & Gravy Records)

intro: Am  C  D  Am  C  G

       G       B7   Em           G7
Well I see for me a dream in New Orleans

       C           D                G              D
Lay me down by the old Lake Pontchartrain (hey hey hey)

      G              B7      Em              G7
We'll rock and we'll roll he mathematician's gold

C           D                    G   D  G
Finally raindogs will have their day


Am      D       G       G7
Times a-wasting MaryJane

Am      D       G       
Times a-wasting MaryJane

         G         B7        Em               G7
She said '09 was unkind to a gypsy heart like mine

        C             D                 G        D
walking shoes tend to follow a wandering eye (ay ya ya)

    G             B7            Em                G7
The trains run on time down the St Charles Avenue line

            C               D                    G    D   G   
Hearts will crawl when they fall for the running kind

(And I'm the running kind)


     G             B7              Em                    G7
It's lonely at the Saturn Bar at a quarter to 3 I wonder where you are

     C         D              G        D
Easy go little castles in the sand, aw man

         G              B7             
When the sun rose on St Claude that day

    Em                   G7
Big Easy dreams they had washed away

          C              D       G    D   G
Where's a bird without a wire to land

Chorus (2x)

Am  C  D  Am  C  G
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