• Song:

    One Man Tag Crew

  • Artist:

    Dub Trio

  • Album:

    New Heavy

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G G Bb Bb D D C / 
C C Bb Bb A A G  x 2

Fast Part (heavy distortion):
D - C

Fill (heavy distortion):
G G Bb Bb D D G(high 
octave) x 2

Drop out/Reggae Part (clean tone for the rest of the song);
Cm - Gm

Changes to:
Dm - Cm

Fill - G Bb D G(high octave)

Back to Cm + Gm

i like to play lots of fills and move around. the last part is all about the bass 
really, so feel free to dub it out with sounds, effects, delays, echo's, etc.
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