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    The Night Visiting Song

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    20 Greatest Hits

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Night visiting song 

By The Dubliners


         G        C    G                D G

1. I must away now; I can no longer tarry,

                    C    G                D

    this morning's tempest, I have to cross.

            G       - G7               C    G

    I must be guided        without a stumble,

             C-G      D         G

    into the arms I love the most.


          G        C  G                   D G

2. And when he came to his true love's dwelling,

                  C   G          D

    he knelt down gently, upon a stone.

                      G       - G7               C  G

    And through her window,      he's whispered lowly,

             C-G       D       G

    is my true love within at home?


       G            C    G                      D G

3. Wake up, wake up, love, it is thine own true lover,

                   C    G             D

    wake up, wake up, love, and let me in

               G          - G7           C   G

    For I am tired, love,        and oh so weary,

               C-G        D          G

    and more than near drenched to the skin.

            G        C G                D G

4. She's raised her u..p her down soft pillow,

                      C-G                    D

    she's raised her u...p and she's let him in.

                    G     - G7                  C  G

    And they were locked in         eachother's arms,

                C     G        D         G

    until that long night was past and gone.



    G             C     G                   D G

5. And when that long night was past and over,

                   C     G               D

    and when the small clouds began to grow,

                  G            - G7               C   G

    he's taken her hand and        hey kissed and parted,

                        C   G        D        G

    then he saddled and mounted and away did go.


6.= repeat verse 1
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