• Song:

    The Unquiet Grave

  • Artist:


  • Album:

    Wild Irish Rovers

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Note: before you play the 2nd C chord play the open A string and hammer on to the same 
2nd fret then pick the A string 3rd fret......

G             C     D
The wind that blows today my love
C           G        D
a few small drops of rain
G                            C
Never have I had but one true love
G       D            G
in cold place she is laid

I'll do as much for my true love
as any young man may
I'll sit and mourne all on her grave
at twelve month and a day

The twelve month and the day been gone
a voice spoke from the deep
who is it sits all on my grave
and will not let me sleep

It's I, it is I thine own true love
who sits upon your grave
for I crave one kiss from your sweet lips
and that is all I see

You crave one kiss from my clay cold lips
but my breath is earthy strong
had you one kiss from my clay cold lips
your time would not be long

My time be long my time be short
tommorrow or today
may god in heaven have all my soul
but I'll kiss your lips of clay

See down beyond the garden green
laught where we used to walk
the sweetest flower that ever grew
is whitered to the stork

The stork is whitered dry my love
so will our hearts decay
so make yourself content my love
till death calls you away
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