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    Already gone

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    Selected Works 1972 to ...

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The intro is done with more than one guitar, so I've tried to come up with a straight
forward way to play it with one. I find it sounds not to bad with another guitar
playing rhythm.

Already Gone						 
The Eagles
Tabbed by Derrick


  N/C            G           D           C

  G            D  C               G

Intro:  [G] - [D] - [C]
Well, I     [G] heard some people    [D] talkin' just the   [C] other day,
And they [G] said you were gonna [D] put me on a      [C] shelf,
But let me tell you I [G] got some news for [D] you and you'll [C] 
soon find out it's true, And then you'll [G] have to eat your    
[D] lunch all by your- [C] self,

'Cause I'm [G] al.... [D] .....ready   [C] gone,
And I'm     [G] fee...[D] lin'              [C] strong,
I will          [G] sing..[D] this victory [C] song
Woo, hoo, [G] hoo, my, [D] my, woo, hoo, [C] hoo

The [G] letter that you [D] wrote me made me [C] stop and wonder why
But I [G] guess you felt like you [D] had to set things [C] right
[G] Just remember [D] this, my girl, when you [C] look up in the sky
You [G] can see the stars and [D] still not see the [C] light, that's right

And I'm     [G] al..... [D] .....ready  [C] gone,
And I'm     [G] fee....[D] lin'            [C] strong,
I will          [G] sing...[D] this victory  [C] song
Woo, hoo, [G] hoo, my, [D] my, woo, hoo, [C] hoo
-Instrumental Solo-

Well, I   [G] know it wasn't   [D] you who held me [C] down
Heaven [G] knows it wasn't [D] you who set me   [C] free
So [G] often times it [D] happens that we [C] live our lives in chains
And we [G] never even [D] know we have the [C] key

But I'm           [G] al...,.   [D] .....ready    [C] gone,
And I'm          [G] fee...   [D] lin'               [C] strong,
I will               [G] sing..   [D] this victory  [C] song
Cause I'm,    [G] al....,    [D] .....ready     [C] gone

Yes, I'm [C Pause] All.  [G Pause] ready [F] gone
And I'm [C] feelin' [G]     [F]  strong
I will [C] sing [G]  this victory [F] song
'Cause I'm [C] al....[G] ready [F] gone
Yes, I'm [C] al.......[G] ready [F] gone
[C] Al.......[G] ready [F]  gone
[C] Al.......[G] ready [F]  gone
[C] Al.......[G] ready [F]  gone  (fade)
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