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    Victim of love

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    Selected Works 1972 to ...

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			   VICTIM OF LOVE - Eagles
-Tabbed by: Lorrie DiMaggio

-Tuning: regular


This is only a novice tab. For people who just want the gist of the song. Enjoy.


-Chords Required:

Gm Cm Fm Am A# (all bar chords)

Gm 355xxx

Cm x355xx

Fm 133xxx

Am 577xxx
(best played here instead of the regular position (002200))

A# 688xxx
(again, best played here instead of (x133xx))



The song basically start on a Gm with a Cm in there a la verse, with a bit
of soloing. The soloing is based around G note on the 3rd sting (xx5xxx) and
the C note on the 4th string (xxx5xx). It just messes around with a few
alternations in there, palm mutes and slides. Listen to it, its not hard to
figure out.



Its a simple chord progression. There are palm mutes during some verses.

Gm(x3)                           Cm(x2)
What kind of love have you got?

Gm(x3)                           A#    Am
You should be home, but you're not

Gm(x3)                                   Cm(x2)
A room full of noise and dangerous boys

Gm               Cm(x2)       Gm(hold)
Still makes you thirsty and hot...

Repeat for all the verses...

For the second verse, the A#   Am  is plucked like:
   A#      Am

-Pre Chorus

Right before the chorus, there is a chord change.

Gm               Cm(x2)                     Fm Gm 
A# (sliding)
How come you still got his gun in your hand?


A#                     Am          Gm
Victim of love , I see a broken heart

Gm       Cm           Gm    Fm Gm Am A#
You got your stories to tell

A#                     Am          Gm
Victim of love, it's such an easy part

Gm       Cm           Gm           (hold for drum bit, not loud though)
And you know how to play it so well


The solo is basically the same as the intro, just with more consistency and
different notes for the chords. You can ad-lib this, nobody will be able to


Thats it. The verse is the same for most of the song, with a few ad-libs in
 it. The chorus may be a bit off, but its similar.
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