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    What Do I Do With My Heart

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    What Do I Do With My He...

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C5  G5  A5  F5 x2 

 C5                       G5 
You don't have to say a word 
 A5                   F5   
I can see it in your eyes 
 C5                       G5 
I know what you want to say 
 A5                  F5 
It's so hard to say goodbye 
C5                             E5                         A5               Bb5 
I can hold back my tears and try to be strong while our love is falling apart 
C5                       A5 
I know what I'll say if you walk away 
F5                    G5                     F5    C5  
But what do I do -- what do I do with my heart 

 C5                   G5 
I'm not gonna say a word 
 A5                         F5   
I know I can't change your mind 
 C5                         G5 
You know where you need to go 
 A5                    F5   
I know I'll be left behind 
I won't hold you back 
E5                              A5                   Bb5  
I won't stand in your way if you need to make a new start 
C5                                A5  
But I still want to know when my arms let you go 
F5                    G5                     F5     C5 
But what do I do -- what do I do with my heart 

Oh girl don't you remember 
C5                  G5                                 C5             
It was not so long ago we were making plans for two -- just me and you 
Now you tell me that you've found somebody 
Someone who loves you better 
C#5                             Bb5 
No one could ever love you the way I do 

 C5                        G5 
Tell me your not leaving now (Tell me you're not leaving) 
A5                          F5 
Tell me that you're gonna stay (Please say you'll stay with me baby) 
 C5                         G5 
Tell me that you love me still (Say you love me still) 
A5                          F5 
For this and this alone I pray (Fall down on my knees and pray) 
C5                                  E5                                  
I'll do anything(yes I would) to save what we had(keep you by my side) 
A5                             Bb5 
I'll love you till death do us part 
C5                                            A5   
But what do I do(what do I do) when I'm still missing you 
F5               G5                        F5     C5 
What do I do -- what do I do with my heart 

F5   C5   F5    C5
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