• Song:

    At The End

  • Artist:

    Earl Grant

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C           E7      
At the end of a rainbow 
 F                        G7   
  _  you'll find a pot of gold 
       C         E7      
at the end of a story 
 F                          G7   
 _   you'll find its all been told 
    C                   Am   
But our love has a  treasure 
 F                       G7   
 _  our hearts can always spend 
   Am         Am/G  
and it has a story 
 D7           G7   
without any end 
At the end of a river 

 _  the water stops its flow 

at the end of a highway 

 _ there's no place you can go 
  C                  Am   
But just tell me you love me 
 F                     E7    
 _  and you are only mine 
     C           Am   
and our love will go on 
  F         G7   
till the end     _ 
  C       Am     F       G7     C  
of time   _      _      _       _
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