• Song:

    Acoustic Ep

  • Artist:

    Early November

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The Early November - Acoustic EP

Tabbed by: Robert Piller
Email: nothin7@hotmail.com

These songs are so wonderful yet so easy to play...

Ever So Sweet
Verse:            Chorus:               Bridge:   End On:
eb|-0-0-0-0- -0-  eb|-0-0-0-0-0-0- -0-  eb|-----  eb|-0-|
Bb|-0-0-0-0- -0-  Bb|-0-0-0-0-0-0- -0-  Bb|-----  Bb|-0-|
Gb|-1-2-6-4- -2-  Gb|-1-6-4-2-6-4- -2-  Gb|-6-6-  Gb|-1-|
Db|-2-2-6-4- -2-  Db|-2-6-4-2-6-4- -2-  Db|-6-6-  Db|-2-|
Ab|-2-0-4-2- -0-  Ab|-2-4-2-0-4-2- -0-  Ab|-4-4-  Ab|-2-|
Eb|-0------- ---  Eb|-0----------- ---  Eb|---2-  Eb|-0-|

I Want To Hear You Sad
Verse:    Chorus:       Bridge:
eb|-----  eb|---------  eb|-----|
Bb|-----  Bb|---------  Bb|-----|
Gb|-7-7-  Gb|-7-7-7-7-  Gb|-7-7-|
Db|-7-7-  Db|-7-7-7-7-  Db|-7-7-|
Ab|-5-x-  Ab|-5-5-x-5-  Ab|-x-5-|
Db|-5-7-  Db|---5-7-5-  Db|-4-5-|

All We Ever Needed
Verse:      Chorus:
eb|-------  eb|-------|
Bb|-------  Bb|-------|
Gb|-9-9-9-  Gb|-------|
Db|-9-9-9-  Db|-2-4-7-|
Ab|-7-----  Ab|-2-4-7-|
Db|---9-7-  Db|-2-4-7-|

Sunday Drive
Verse:    Chorus:     Ending:
eb|-----  eb|-------  eb|---------|
Bb|-----  Bb|-------  Bb|---------|
Gb|-7-7-  Gb|-7-7-7-  Gb|-7-7-7-7-|
Db|-7-7-  Db|-7-7-7-  Db|-7-7-7-7-|
Ab|-0-5-  Ab|-5-7-5-  Ab|-5-x-x-4-|
Db|---5-  Db|-----5-  Db|-5-7-9---|

Come Back
Verse:      Chorus:     Ending:
eb|-------  eb|-------  eb|-------|
Bb|-------  Bb|-------  Bb|-------|
Gb|-0-0-0-  Gb|-7-7-7-  Gb|-7-7-7-|
Db|-4-4-4-  Db|-7-7-7-  Db|-7-7-7-|
Ab|-5-0---  Ab|-5-0-5-  Ab|-x-x-5-|
Db|-----5-  Db|-----5-  Db|-7-9-5-|

Make It Happen
Main Riff:  Bridge:
eb|-------  eb|---------|
Bb|-------  Bb|---------|
Gb|-4-4-4-  Gb|-4-4-4-4-|
Db|-4-4-4-  Db|-4-4-4-4-|
Ab|-2-2-x-  Ab|-2-2-x-1-|
Eb|-0-2-4-  Eb|-0-2-4---|

Every Night's Another Story
Verse:     Chorus:
e|-------  e|-------------|
B|-10-10-  B|-10-10-10----|
G|-10-10-  G|-10-10-10----|
D|-10-10-  D|-10-10-10-10-|
A|-8--0--  A|-8--0--8--10-|
D|-8--0--  D|-8--0--8--10-|
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