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Intro: Em



Something's wrong,

G                       C                     Am

Trying to conquer these fears i thought were gone.

Em                    G                       C                            

And it's been so long, I'm dying to live in a world 

          Am  D
I dont belong

       Em       G

I cant wait for someone to hear me,

C            Am         D

And wait for someone to touch me.

Em          G          C

And wait forever to be told,

       Am     D

I'm forever alone.

Again Chorus


2 Chorus

Em           C      Am

      I'm forever alone.

Em           C      Am

      I'm forever alone.

Em           Am   G           Em
      I'm forever a-a-a-a-a-alone.

Em         G       Am        D

I, I'm not waiting here this time.

2 Chorus

if you know better version, pls send it here-> happalogic@yahoo.com
Thx, it's my 1st tab)
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