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C                                    G 
Baby if you've got to go away 
             F                           C 
I don't think I can take the pain 
                  G                  F    C 
Won't you stay another day 
Oh, don't leave me alone like this 
           F                    C 
Don't say its the final kiss 
Won't you stay another day  
Don't you know  
                          G    F 
We've come too far now 
Just to go  
                    G             F 
And try to throw it all away 
C                                          G      F 
Thought I heard you say you love me 
                  C                    G              F 
That your love was gonna be here to stay 
         C                          G     F 
I've only just begun to know you 
All I can say is 
                   G                              F 
Won't you stay for just one more day 
 C                                              G     F 
I touch your face while you are sleeping 
And hold your hand, 
                     G                      F 
Don't understand whats going on 
C                                            G      F 
Good times we had return to haunt me 
Though its for you 
All that I do seems to be wrong  

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