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Tabbed by hectechnology

Intro: G5 B5 E5 C5 

G5                B5                        E5                      C5
You got a cousin who's tellin' you somethin' that don't have nothin' to do
                   G5   B5   E5    C5
With the love we're in, baby
G5                B5                       E5                 
I hear she's sayin' that game we're playin' should be complicated
           C5                 G5       B5      E5         
If you won't, I'll say it, I think she's crazy 'cause

C5                  G5  
Love don't have to be a bunch of drama
           C5                    G5
A bunch of knock-down, drag-outs cryin' in the rain
C5                          G5                 E5
It's alright to keep it light now mama, don't you think
C5                      G5                  C5                    G5
We're having such a good time together, and it's only just begun
C5                G5                    C5       D5      G5   B5  E5  C5  G5  B5 E5 C5 
My heart's never smiled so hard, baby, loving you is fun...          It's fun....

G5                 B5                  E5
I'm walking around all over this town, ten feet off the ground
    C5                 G5 B5 E5        C5
So happy I found you, baby, I love it
G5                 B5                   E5
There's no self-help book on your shelf, you know too well
C5                            G5 B5  E5
They're trying to sell you somethin' for nothin' 'cause


G5 B5  E5  C5

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