• Song:

    Seven Seas

  • Artist:

    Echo E The Bunnymen

  • Album:

    BBC Radio 1 Live In Con...

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C5 C5
G | ----------- | ----------
D | ---5-3-2--- | ----5-3-2-
A | --3-------- | -3--------
E | ----------- | ----------

Stab a sorry heart
With your favorite finger
Paint the whole world blue
And stop your tears from singing
Hear the cavemen singing
Good news they're bringing

E | --1--0------
B | --------3--1
G | ------------

G5 C5
Seven seas
G5 C5
Swimming them so well
G5 C5
Glad to see
My face among them
C5 C5
Kissing the tortoise shell

A longing for
Some fresher feelings
Belonging or
Just forever kneeling
Where is the sense in stealing
Without the grace to be it

(repete refr?o)

F5 (4x) E5 (4x) F5 (4x)

C5 F5
Burning my bridges and smashing my mirrors
C5 F5
Turning to see if you're cowardly
C5 F5
Burning the witches with mother religious
C5 F5
You'll strike the matches and shower me
C5 (with bass intro riff)
In water games, washing the rocks below
Taught and tamed in time with tear flow

(repete refr?o e termina)
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