• Song:

    In My Time

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

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Intro: C  C4 C9  C9  C4  C  (4X)  
C                    F 
On your wings you'll carry me down 
C               F 
Highways to the shore 
C                         F 
And at your wheel you'll steer me 
     C           F  
Then steer me no more 
Me no more 

C                 D 
All my leaves are turning 
         F               G  
With the changing of the seasons 
    C                 D 
And all my dreams are burning up 
    F             G  
And looking for a reason 
In my time of living   

I just wanted to be true 

But I just took your giving  

and I stole the truth from you 

    C              E7   F 
And in the line of duty 
  C              E7   F 
I turned upon my heels 
C                   E7     F 
Peeled the skin off beauty 
    C              E7    F 
And too much was revealed 
Much too real 
All my pages empty  

Like a book I never read 

And all my words are words I wish 

Wish I could have said 
Instumental verse and Verse 1 
All my leaves are turning... 
All my pages.... 

Hitching a ride 

Down your highway...
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