• Song:

    King Of Kings

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

  • Album:


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E5   A5     E5       A5 
Met Jesus up on a hill
E5     A5            E5          A5
He confessed I was dressed to kill
E5         A5      E5      A5
Saw fear eternal in his eyes
E5              A5                E5    A5 
He's seen what happens when the soul dies

D5                      C5
I'm the king of kings wearing broken wings
I've lost my crown
    D5                      C5
The world so far below and all I really know
Is that you don't look down

Came alive in the dead of night

Sought salvation in the city lights

One more drink then one drink more

Every hour like the one before 

E5          C5   E5          C5    
Don't look down, don't look down
It's such a long way to fall

Verse 2

You're like me, and I'm like you
Can't see the point in a point of view
All time lows we're hitting the high
Two wrongs tryin' to make it alright

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