• Song:

    Show Of Strength

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

  • Album:

    BBC Radio 1 Live In Con...

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Show of Strength 

Intro:  E  C  D  A (5X)

E          C
D            A              E       C  D  A           
It's hard to dig it all too happily
    E      C 
But I can see
D        A           E       C  D  A
It's not always that real to me

A funny thing
It's always a funny thing
And those sadly things
Just get in the way

C          E
Open to suggestion
C            E
Falling over questions


But that's as well as maybe
A shaken hand
Won't transmit all fidelity

Your golden smile
Would shame a politician
I'll apologize next time

Bonds will break and fade a snapping all in two
The lies that bind and tie come sailing out of you

Verse 1 (different rhythm)

Is always a funny thing
And those sadly things
It's always a sadly thing

Bonds will....

A show of strength is all you want
You can never set it down
Guts and passion those things you can't
Even set down
All those things you think might count
You can never set them down
Hey I came in right on cue
One is me and one is you

By: José Duarte
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