• Song:

    Yo Yo Man

  • Artist:

    Echo & The Bunnyman

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A5            E5           A5    E5 
Froze to the bone in my igloo home 
A5            E5             A5   E5     A5      E5  A5  E5  
Counting the days 'til the ice turns green 
    A5         E5          A5      E5 
You know when Heaven and hell collide 
      A5  E5  A5  E5   A5     E5 
There are no in-betweens  
C5              E5       C5         E5 
Flames on your skin of snow turn cold 
C5           E5          C5            E5   C5        ( E5 ) 
Cold as the wind that blows through my headstone 
Bb5  C5 E5 (3x)   D5  B5 (3X) 
Collecting the bones of my friends tonight 
Sowing the seeds in a fruitless land 
You know when prayers all hit the ground 
There is no higher hand 
I'm the yo-yo man, always up and down 
So take me to the end of your tether 
Chorus, Break and fade 
by: Jos? Duarte 
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