• Song:

    Bitch And Moan

  • Artist:

    Ed Burleson

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="Bitch and Moan" 
Written and performed by Ed Burleson 
"Live at The Sons" album 
Contributed by Scott Steinocher 
D5                 G5               D5
Everyday at work I say I might quit drinkin 
                          A5                 D5
But that bell goes and its time for me to go home 
                      G5              D5
On my way back home my mind it starts thinkin 

Better pick me up a twelve pack 
            A5                       D5
I'm bound to listen to her bitch and moan 
         G5                          D5
Bitch and moan bitch and moan that's all you ever do 
A5                                           D5
Someday I'll get some juevos darlin and I'll walk right out on you 
   G5                      D5
But until that day arrives I'll be here at home 
A5                              G5             A5         D5
Drinkin on an ice cold beer and listen to her bitch and moan 
Well I'm thankful for this traffic jam I'm stuck in 

It sure feels good sittin here all alone 

And I'm thankful for this cooler on my floorboard 

It helps me get the courage for what's waitin on me at home 
It's a crazy thing how life can change so quickly 

And totally screw up what you thought was your happy home 

It'll turn the whole damn thing into a prison 

Doin time drinkin twelve packs while I listen to her bitch and moan 
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